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     Too many of us struggle through life feeling we aren’t living up to our true potential. Many of us feel we are missing our calling. There are those of us who hide in the shadows of life too fearful of failure to ever try to succeed. We’ve been told since birth what the rules are and how we should follow them. Each of us following the guidance of the authorities in our lives; parents, siblings, bosses, teachers, religious figures, friends, advertisers, media, critics and enemies. They all throw rules at you based on their own belief systems that your conscious and unconscious mind have valiantly tried to follow your whole life through. You’ve tried to live by these rules on one level or another since you were born despite the fact that many are contradictory, many are harmful and all of them are based on the opinions of other people - other flawed people just like you. You’ve probably seen your passions wane, your focus blur, your self esteem plummet, your energy fail. You most likely don't even recognize yourself any more. Most of us don’t. Most of us will keep going this way until the end.

     You don’t have to! You can break free of the habits, patterns, memories and beliefs that are holding you back. You can release the pain, confusion and fear and learn the way back home to your authentic self.

     I have the resources, knowledge and passion to get you headed toward a life you’ll love. I can’t wait to show them to you! Please check out the site and learn how you can become the version of yourself you’ve always yearned to be. When you’re ready, give me a call and make an appointment. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

     I can’t wait to meet the Authentic You!

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What people are saying...

  “ I visited Julie Marentette for NLP back in 2014 after a period of emotional upset and physical illness. It was my first experience with NLP so I wasn't sure what to expect but Julie's warm nature put me right at ease.  

     I'm generally someone who doesn't nap, let alone meditate as I have trouble sitting still and shutting off my mind, but Julie's warm and compassionate nature made it easy for me to relax and be guided into a meditative state. I'm pretty much a skeptic when it comes to these things and by the end of the session I was surprised to find myself practically vibrating with love and positivity! It's quite a unique experience and I'm sure it would be different for everyone depending on the nature of their visit but for me this was just what I needed to connect with my true self again and find the motivation I'd been lacking.  I felt rejuvenated and ready to pick myself back up again.  And this was after just one session!

     I live out of province, so I am now following along with the Unstuck Life Meditation series at home. It's a great way to remind myself of the positive changes I have made and am making within myself.  It's all about re-programming the way you think . Change your mind, change your life! “

Rachael W., Calgary, AB


Hi Julie,

I can not thank you enough for the guided meditations from the Unstuck Life series I have.  I use them everyday.  I use them to sleep and let go of the day’s troubles.  I am now able to get through a lot of my struggles in my everyday life on my own using the words and guidance from this series.  I can talk my self down when I feel overwhelmed and raise my self up when I feel I can take no more,  and this is all thanks to you and this unbelievable guided journey I am now on.  Thank you so much. I look at life and things differently now.

Thank you so much

Courtney T., Windsor, ON


Julie helped me with an energy and intuitive reading. Right from the start she had me pegged. She knew things about me and saw things that nobody else in the world could ever know. She also did a chakra and energy clearance for me. She was so kind and comforting, even though some of what came up was painful I knew I didn’t have to be afraid because I was in good hands. After seeing her I felt so much better. My stress was better. My relationship I was having trouble with was so much better. I felt better about myself and didn’t worry so much. I am very glad I went to see her. I have told many of my friends about her and they have gone too. They all tell me they loved it as much as I did. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Julie.

Betty T., Windsor, ON

Julianne Marentette, CPNLP
Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.
Welcome home to your authentic self.